Wang Chongyang on meditation.

Wang Chongyang, founder of the quanzhen school of Daoism.
Wang Chongyang, founder of the quanzhen school of Daoism.
This method is from Wang Chongyang’s Ten Discussions” a yuan dynasty meditation document from the quanzhen school. Wang believed that people should meditate at all times regardless of whether they were sitting, standing, walking, or lying down. The basic of his method is in harmonizing the mind with the breath and achieving clarity of mind. This is a good example of the basic practice of “xing gong” or consciousness work in Daoism.

“Wang chongyang said:
Sitting too long overworks the body and is not the right way. Usually this will cause people to become ill. If the mind doesn’t grasp at external things, and gains real stability, this is the real “setting” and upright basic. Use this to become stable: mix the mind and breathing in harmony together. After a period of practice, you will become clear and comfortable. If you focus on this feeling, you can come to know how to correct your evil.”

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