June 2017 Spring Tour of Taiwan’s Tea Fields


Its official, we are planning to make a spring tour of select tea fields and temples in Taiwan. We have gotten the green light from San Jing Organic farms in Nantou to do a tour of the fields, tea production, area, and to get some direct hands on experience in the very unique method of organic tea agriculture being practiced there by tea farmer Li.
We will also go to Muzha to visit various farms making Tieguanyin, both using modern and traditional methods, visit Dong Ding and maybe even Shanlinxi, as well as one of the oldest tea farms in Taiwan. I also have plans to take tour members to the temple dedicated to Shen Nong, the god of agriculture and discoverer of tea, which is on the edge of Taipei. We may also be able to see some other farms and temples, as well as visiting some of taiwan’s most famous tea houses and places of tea history.

The trip will be seven days long, with the first day being pick ups at the Taoyuan airport and every day after that dedicated to different places along the map of Taiwanese tea infrastructure. I’m still sorting out the final details, but I will attempt to make the price affordable and the quality of the tour very high, so I’m sure you will find the trip very enjoyable, educational, and informative.

If you have any interest in taking this tour, please contact me through the website!!

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