Chinese Green tea tastes better served light


Many people taking tea as a new hobby find it hard to understand the core differences between the many types of tea avaialable on the market.
Usually people worry about identifying specific teas and how hot to make the water etc…
Something people often do not ask is how certain teas are meant to differ in strength.
We all know that full bodied tastes in tea are the best representation of an individual tea, but certain teas show more of their body when we use less tea. Chinese greem tea is a specific example of this.
Green tea is known for its refreshing taste and bright perfumw. If the tea is made too strong, it often shows signs of bitterness, astringency, and too much perfume.
Instead of using the usual five grams we need for oolong, green tea can often be made with just a pinch. Another big difference is that most teas are brewed better with the lid on the pot, but green tea is better with the lid off or better yet, just with the tea in your cup.
Green tea burns and tastes rubbery if it is allowed to oversteep, so lid off and slightly cooler water (usually around 80c) are better.
Another big difference is longer brewing times, with a tumbler of green tea brewing perfectly by the time the leaves sink to the base of your cup, which can often take several minutes.
If you use the right heat of water and quantity of leaf, you can rest assured that the tea will not oversteep.

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