Taiwan Tea and Internal Cultivation Tour June 2017


Saturday June 16 2017 please join us for a special week long self cultivation and tea adventure in beautiful Taiwan.
The tour will run from Saturday to Saturday and will take us from Taipei, to various important tea mountains around Taiwan including:
-Muzha: the home of Taiwanese Tieguanyin iron goddess tea and four seasons spring.
– Lugu: the base camp township of the famous Dong Ding mountain (where we will visit some of the oldest tea farms in Taiwan).
– baguashan: a famous tea farming area in Nantou county, Mingjian district where we will visit a wonderful permaculture organic tea farm.
– Yingge: the most famous pottery making district of Taiwan where we will visit various potters and the famous Taiwan Ceramics museum.

Every day twice a day we will have meditation and Qi gong sessions as well as daily tea sessions, classes in Taiwan tea ceremony, and some chances to meet tea and pottery masters from Taiwan.

Here is the proposed schedule:

Saturday June 16: arrivals, we will meet in downtown Taipei at a guest house near the central rail station (airport pickups can be arranged before hand). Drink some tea, chat, eat some dinner and off to sleep.

Sunday June 17: wake up for a 9 AM meditation sitting and breakfast at the guest house. 12 PM head off the Muzha Mao Kong mountain area and visit various tea houses and farms there to sample the local tieguanyin tea.
6 PM: visit a famous tea house in Taipei called Wysteria, one of the hot beds of tea ceremony culture in Taiwan. Have dinner and tea there.
9 PM: back to the hotel for an evening meditation sitting and off to sleep.

Monday June 18: morning sitting at 8 AM, followed by breakfast and then off on the hi-speed train to Taizhong, connecting to Lugu where we will stay at the You tao Yuan Guest house, owned by a very friendly pottery maker named Mr.xiao. Upon arrival we will drink some tea, get dinner and have a longer sitting and Qi gong session from 7-9:30 PM

Tuesday June 19: Wake up for an 8 AM sitting, 9 AM eat breakfast, 10 AM – noon, free time. Noon, Go to Dong Ding and visit various tea farms there. Late afternoon, back to the guest house and drink tea with Mr.Xiao.

Wednesday June 20: 8 Am sitting, 9 Am breakfast, Free time till noon. A possible visit to see Master Deng, a local pottery and Cha Dao master. Afternoon, visit around Lugu to look at local tea shops and the Lugu Tea Museum. Evening qi gong, meditation and taijiquan.

Thursday June 21: 8 AM sitting, breakfast, and catch the bus to Baguashan to look at San Jing farms. tour of the farm for the day and a discussion about tea cultivation and processing techniques with farmer Li Minghan. Spend the night at a local hotel.

Friday June 22: Back to Taipei and drop our bags off at the guest house, then to Yingge pottery district to look at pottery shops and visit the museum there.

Saturday June 23: Free time in Taipei and potential for meditation, Qi gong, and taiji sessions during the day and evening.

The total cost for the tour is $1500 USD (price includes Transportation in Taiwan, Breakfasts, pre-arranged restaurant trips and hotel costs but does not include airplane ticket or additional expenses) and there is a $200 discount for early bird registrations.
Early bird registration is due by January 1st 2017,
Registration before March 1st 2017 will receive a discount of $100.

The minimum number of registrants for this trip to take place is 4 and the maximum spots available is 8.

Please contact me either via the site or at neidandao@hotmail.com if you are interested in attending.

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