The best basic advice on meditation!



Normally when people meditate, they will close their eyes and darken their vision. This is fake meditation!
Real meditation requires that for all twelve times of the day (Ed: Classical Chinese hours are two hours by modern standards), walking, standing, sitting, or lying down, in the centre of all movement and stillness, the mind is like Tai mountain, it doesn’t move and it doesn’t shake. Break the four gates of the eyes, ears, mouth, and nose (this doesn’t mean to physically break, but instead to disengage from and ignore the sensory organs), and don’t allow any outside images to enter in. If you even have a little thread of thought of movement or silence, this already isn’t called “quiet sitting.” If you can achieve this, even though your body is trapped in the red dust, your name will be recorded among the immortals. You don’t need to go looking far for him, your body will have already become an expert sage inside. After one hundred years of work is done, cast off the shell and ascend to the real. When the engraving of one elixir is achieved, the spirit will travel on the eight distances. – Wang Chongyang

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