Physical Cultivation E-courses

Welcome to the Ren Yuan portion of the site! Ren Yuan means the cycle of humanity and represents any type of practice we do with our bodies that helps us cultivate and maintain our physical energy.

The courses offered here are all based on my years of training in Meditation, Qi Gong, and the internal martial arts of taijiquan, baguazhang, and xingyiquan. The purpose of Ren Yuan practice is to use the physical body to generate and maintain Qi energy, which can be used to improve overall levels of physical energy and protect our health.

All of the courses offered in Ren Yuan have three modalities:

  • Jing Gong: quiet exercises based on cultivating correct breathing and blood circulation throughout the entire body.
  • Nei Gong: physical exercises which are based on the principle of using the breath, combined with movement, to move Qi around the body and strengthen all of its constituent parts.
  • Qi Gong: exercises which focus on developing Qi energy in specific areas of the body.

Within these modalities, you can expect to find exercises encompassing the entirety of the four major postural attitudes of the human body (lying down, seated, standing, and moving), with each type of exercise designed specifically to not only to help improve your sense of physical comfort, but also to work on creating a more oxygen rich blood flow, a body free of aches and pains, and a relaxed and confident mindset.

The exercises for the Ren Yuan e-courses are taken from a variety of sources including Taijiquan, Wisdom Ability Qi Gong (Zhi Neng Qi Gong), and 20th century Daoist writings from masters such as Chen Yingning, Hu Haiya, and Jiang Weiqiao.

The courses offered here work from the basic to advanced level, and the training is very specific and complete. If you are interested in knowing more about a course, please contact me via the submissions form below.

course one

Mastering Daoist Breathing Tehcniques

  • course length: three weeks
  • fee: $60

This three week basic course is designed to help you understand how breathing practices work in Daoism and to fully master the basics of breathing to cultivate Qi energy. The source material used to create the course was taken from Jiang Weiqiao's book “Shi Yinzi discusses Quiet Meditation for Maintaining Health,” and Hu Haiya's “Immortality Study Health Cultivation Complete Document,” and is directed toward people who wish to deeply understand the reasoning behind Daoist breathing practices for meditation and physical exercise.

The first two lessons of the course are designed to help you learn to attain a fuller amount of oxygen saturation in the blood stream, and how to expunge more carbon dioxide from the body, thus helping you to fortify and improve the quality of the blood flowing through and feeding the organs and appendages.

The third week of the course presents the foundation for breathing while doing physical movements, and provides a very powerful breathing method that can help improve your posture, and make you feel stronger and healthier.

course two

Principles of Cultivating Post Heaven Qi

  • course length: three weeks
  • fee: $75

This three week course will delve deeply into the theory behind all aspects of Qi Gong, Martial Arts, and Chinese health cultivation exercises. Post Heaven energy is any energy associated with the tangible aspects of the human body. This means that things like learned reflex, control of breath, physical movement, and even thinking are all a manifestation of this important human energy.

This course seeks not only to define the difference between the post heaven energy used in physical exercise and the pre heaven energy used in meditation, but also offers many excellent methods by which to improve the flow of energy via the circulatory system to the whole body.

This method of practice falls mainly into the category of Nei Gong, which is principally concerned with developing Qi through the use of stretching and opening the joints, but also has important aspects of Jing Gong (the use of correct breathing and quiet contemplation) as its engine.

Each week of the course includes both principles training, and physical techniques you can use to improve the level of post heaven Qi in your body.

course three

Posture and Movement

  • course length: two weeks
  • fee: $50

This two week course lays the foundation for more advanced types of physical movement such as Taijiquan and the Internal Martial Arts. The central goal of this course is to help you attain a powerful and relaxed posture without any defects. The central practices involved in this course revolve around correct standing, relaxation of the joints and muscles, and cultivaiton of the intention and breath.

The second week will offer insight into how to combine physical movement with the breath and intention in order to create a more unified and stronger body that is capable of undertaking greater physical endeavours and engaging in more challenging and rewarding activity.

course four

Flushing the Du Mai Meridian

  • course length: one week
  • fee: $40

A very important aspect of the practice of Qi Gong is to open the meridian system of the body. Typically, the beginning stages of this opening are with the Dan Tian energy centre in the lower abdomen and the Du Mai meridian, running the length of the spine to the top of the head.

This method is taken mainly from the book “Ren Sheng Lei Yao,” and is a very simple and effective method to begin opening and moving Qi from the Lower abdomen through the Du Mai Meridian to the top of the head



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