Online Course Policy

Daoistmeditation.com is a business dedicated to disseminating meditation practices coming from the Daoist religious tradition. All content on the site is the property of Robert James Coons, but may be used with permission from Robert James Coons. Ecourses advertised on daoistmeditation.com are the sole intellectual property of Robert James Coons. Clients wishing to study the Ecourses are encouraged to contact Robert directly via email at neidandao@hotmail.com and sign up using the registration form provided on the site. In order to make payment convenient, paypal is our preferred method of payment. It is also possible to pay with etransfer, and clients wishing to do so should contact Robert directly via email. Ecourses will be delivered by email after registration is confirmed. All courses run according to the time specification of the individual course presented. There will also be a one week extension for questions about the course work, which will be discussed via email with Robert. Course material will be presented on Mondays between 9 AM and 9 PM and emails may be directed to Robert at any time during the course to ask questions. Because we receive many emails every week from students, please try to write questions or observations succinctly. Robert will answer emails from students once a week unless otherwise specified. Studying meditation requires emotional maturity and is not a substitute for psychiatric therapy of western medicine. Students who enrol for ecourses recognize the service required by daoistmeditation.com is for personal interest purposes only, and is not meant to replace any medical or psychological treatments that they may currently be subject to. Meditation is an inherently safe activity, but clients who register for ecourses recognize that the effects of meditation are different depending on individual health, physiology, and mental health. Individuals with currently ocurring mental health problems are not encouraged to study meditation without the consent of a physician. Robert Coons will in no way act as a psychotherapist for clients taking ecourses at daoistmeditation.com. The materials offerred by Daoistmeditation.com require careful attention to detail and if followed correctly are completely safe. The client will be deemed responsible for any physical or emotional injury incurred by incorrect practice. If any physical discomfort is noticed during practice, it is the responsibility of the client to immediately cease practice and contact Robert via email in order to ascertain whether the client is fit to continue practice. Clients who are deemed unfit to study for any reason will have the totality of remaining course material delivered to them in one piece as per the client/provider obligations of the ecommerce course delivery model, and then barred from all future study at daoistmeditation.com. After the initial payment is made for enrolment, there will be no additional or hidden charges for the product. All payments will be made in American dollars and there are no refunds. The TOS may be changed at any time by Robert James Coons without notification of clients or prospective clients.

Chayo Tea Store Policy


At Chayo Tea we are all about simplicity, both in life and in business. So there is no reason why payment should ever be a hassle. All our prices are listed in American Dollars. Payment is accepted through Paypal (via a Paypal account or by using your Credit Card through Paypal). Once you have selected your teas we will send you an invoice via email for you to complete. Once we have received notice of payment, we’ll ship you your tea. Simple.


Regular speed shipping by ground and air is included free with all orders within North America. Options for high speed and tracked shipping are also available, as well as European shipping at an additional cost. When selecting your tea, just pick the shipping option that suits you best. All items are shipped FCA (Free Carrier) meaning all duties, taxes, and shipment/travel risks (damage to the goods, lost or stolen, Acts of God) are the responsibility of you, the importer. Shipping insurance is also available for an additional charge. Shipping is offered at a Flat Rate via Canada Post:


Because of the nature of tea as a consumable good we cannot accept any returns on them.

Privacy Policy

Chayo Tea is serious about keeping your private details completely private. All information requested by Chayo Tea is used solely for purchasing transactions. Unless required by law, Chayo Tea does not disseminate or share any of your personal information with any third parties.