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Cheung Hing Tea House has been producing and vending oolong and puer in Hong Kong for more than 70 years and is one of the few old school tea companies that still take responsibility for post production at their store.
Cheung Hing Tea Collection has a professional tea shifu (skilled worker) who specializes in baking and ageing wuyi tea in order to help them make their famous tieluohan rock oolong.
This excellent specimen from 2001 is a dark, deep, and very aromatic brown liquor that has spicy undertones, big perfume, and lots of aftertaste and sweetness. We used to purchase tea from this company via a wholesaler in guangdong , but have now officially visited shop owner Mr.Huang in Hong Kong in order to develop a shipping agreement. As a result, we have cut our price by more than half and are proud to announce that we are offering it for half the price it is sold for in Shanghai!

Tieluohan from Cheung hong tea collection comes in handy bags with eight mini tea pouches, each weighing eight grams. The pouch can be divided in half and used twice and the tea can be brewed up to ten times per serving, so it’s very economical for such a good tea.

Brewing this tea:
Strong Gongfu:
pour out the contents of one pouch of tea into a 150 ml Gaiwan or Gongfu Tea pot,
pour boiling water over the leaves.
Pour the tea out of the pot into your cups immediately.
Repeat this until pour four and then start from twenty second brews going up by ten seconds with each additional brew until about pour seven, then leave the water in for a full minute.
Light Gongfu:
pour half the contents of the bag into any size of gaiwan or gongfu pot and use boiling water, poured directly over the leaves. Brewing time for the first three pours is immediate, and then twenty second brews until pour five. After pour five, use longer brews.


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