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Be the first go try the freshest green tea from 2019.
This year on our Chinese new year trip, we came across a farm in Yiyang (益阳市) Hunan province that is one of the earliest to harvest spring tea.
We managed to secure some very nice examples of variations of famous green teas such as long jing xiang cha (龙井香 茶) , biluochun (碧螺春) and Hunan Maojian (毛尖茶).
The teas were harvested on February 12 and 14 and are the earliest examples of Chinese green tea that I’ve come across in my tea journeys.

I am happy to announce a three tea sampler pack in which you’ll get 15 grams of each tea for an excellent low price of $20.

And for a limited time I’m also throwing in ten grams of fresh Dianhong style black tea processed in February 14th.

Each of the teas are designed to copy the original growing and processing method of the famous tea upon which they are based.
The long jing xiang tea is a gorgeous pan roast tippy green, the biluochun is a rolled oven fired green with bright wheat grass and toasty notes, and the maojian is a tippy dark green with pine and spruce notes.

This is a rare opportunity to try the very first tea of what is turning out to be a very fragrant year.
To your health and a joyous year of the earth pig.


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