Anxi baked tieguanyin (14 g)


Product Description

This wonderful dark tieguanyin oolong comes courtesy of Mr.Chen at the Yu Nong Pavilion tea company of xiamen fujian.
Mr.Chen is a tellented tea maker who has set up a workshop in Anxi, the ancestral home of tieguanyin tea, and oversees all of the work that goes into making his excellent Oolongs.
Chen started out as a sports coach, but twenty years ago, he decided to follow his passion as an amateur tea maker, and eventually it became his full time job.
This tea is one of two teas in our collection from Yu Nong Pavilion and it has strong elements of cooling spices such as tarragon and basil, as well as a long lasting aftertaste and sweetness that extends down the throat and into the sinuses. Chen only makes baked tea in the spring and he is one of the earliest tea melts to sample anxi’s new teas every year in order to select the best ones for his company.

This tea is traditionally oxidized and baked by oven, coming out a dark brown liquor with a strong, robust perfume if coffee and chocolate with dark fruit in the aroma.


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