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Bai MuDan white tea orbs


Product Description

Baimudan is one of the most famous white teas of fujian province , fuding township. It is fragrant and soft, with perfume reminiscent of the famous white peony flower after which it is named.

Baimudan is also a famous character from Daoist legend.
She was a courtesan who went on to become immortal under the guidance of Lu Dongbin, one of the right drunken immortals of daoist folklore.

Our baimudan orbs are specially made ball teas which can be brewed in any way, whether in a conventional English tea pot, a gaiwan, or an yixing clay pot.

The main characteristic of this tea is the fragrance, but it also has excellent return taste, sweetness, and a mild tanin.

Baimudan orbs are also excellent for people who are learning gongfu tea because they are very forgiving on the brew. You can leave them in hot water for a long time and they won’t become bitter.

Each orb is equivalent to one serving and can be brewed up to fifteen times or more.
Each order comes with five tea orbs.

We rate this white tea very highly and hope you will have a chance to try it.


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