Daoist Reading Class November


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This November join us each Saturday morning for our reading course!
This month we will review the adjustments section of Lesser Zhi Guan, the first Chan Buddhist text dedicated entirely to meditation.
In this class you will learn the early Chan Buddhist Techniques of:
– adjusting diet.
– adjusting sleep.
– adjusting the body.
– adjusting the breath.
– adjusting the heart.

Each week we will cover one or more methods of adjustment and along with each class you will receive a translation of the part of the document we are working on. By the end of the course you will have received the entire chapter of Lesser Zhi Guan on the subject of adjustments and know how to interpret and practice the techniques presented in the text.

Whether you prefer Daoism or Buddhism, Lesser Zhi Guan is an essential meditation document which defines the seated meditation genre. “Zhi Guan” is the concept of the dualism of concentration and observation and is applied in practice by concentrating the mind if it begins to wander and observing the nature of the mind once the mind is stable. Lesser Zhi Guan is the most important Meditation document from the Tian Tai Chan Buddhist tradition and is still practiced by many people in China and Japan today.
For our Daoist practice, the adjustment chapter of Lesser Zhiguan is the most useful since many aspects of the practice can be directly imported into Daoist practices such as “breathing through the skin.” This is a great document for both beginners and experienced meditators and can help you learn the Chinese Meditation system from its root.


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