Dian Hong red tea (50g)


Product Description

File under daily drinker…

This epic down Hong red from Yunnan does everything a good red tea should.
It is medium strength and robust in flavour with mouthwatering and mildly fruit laden floral tastes and textures.
This is an all purpose red and can be used either straight or in the English style with milk (although we think you will find it sweet enough that sugar is not needed).
Dian Hong is a famous yunnanese red tea which has unique regional characteristics that make it quote different from other Chinese reds.
This particular tea is mostly whole leaves and some golden buds. The leaves are small and rich in sweetness as well as subtlety.
It is medium low on the tannin scale but has enough power to inspire your taste buds.
We suggest brewing about 3 grams per 150ml of water and doing instant flash brews for the first few steeps.
If you want to take it with milk, you should steep a bit longer.
This tea likes it hot, so make sure to use boiled water.


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