Four Seasons Spring Winter Harvest 75 g bag


Product Description

Chayo Tea Friends is Proud to bring you the best Four Seasons Spring Oolong Tea from Zishan Organic Tea Garden in Mao Kong peak, Muzha District Taiwan.

Four Seasons Spring is the most bright of the Taiwanese Oolongs and has a sweet floral bouquet that smells like wild flowers.
Its tea liquor is dewy and honey like with a balanced and smooth profile.
Four Seasons Oolong Tea was discovered at Muzha in the 1990s and is one of the hardiest bushes in Taiwan, producing multiple flushes of tea all year round.

The Four Seasons Spring tea from Zishan Farms is especially good, because master tea farmer Zhang Mingfeng is from a line of tea farmers in Maokong which trace back four generations.
Their family grows tea on multiple plots of land all around Maokong, making some of the best that the mountain has to offer. In fact, they even won the 2016 Spring Harvest Grand Champion position at the Muzha Tea Competition and their tea has won multiple international awards including first and second place prizes for Aged and Baked Oolong at the North American Tea Championships.
Zishan farms is one of the top tea producers I have come across in my travels and I stand by their products 100%. They are delicious, fragrant, well grown, and a cut above what is normally available even from very reputable sources in Taiwan and Mainland China.

Try our Four Seasons Spring Tea From Zishan Farms, lovingly crafted by Zhang Mingfeng and his family for you.


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