Gass Tea Chai Rooibos

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Chayo Tea is proud to announce our collaboration with Gass Teas, the best Rooibos company in Asia.
Gass Teas was founded by owner Clinton Gass, a south African living in Japan and has gone on to be the herbal of choice for millions of Japanese.

Gass Tea isn’t like other Rooibos, because it is produced carefully using the most innovative methods on the market.
A portion of every purchase of Gass Tea Rooibos goes toward Clinton’s charity which teaches underprivileged South African kids how to surf while improving their academic skills.

This excellent Chai Rooibos tastes as authentic as if it were made with black tea and has the added benefit of being completely free of caffeine, meaning it can be enjoyed at any time of night or day.
Each pack contains 30 pre made tea bags, you can enjoy this tea many times!

Here at Chayo we are offering a limited quantity of Gass Chai for a special sale price, so get in while the getting is good!


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