Medicinal Mushroom Matcha 1.0: Lion’s Mane Matcha

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Increase longevity and improve memory with Matcha Tea infused with Lion’s Mane Mushroom!

Lion’s Mane is a medicinal mushroom used for centuries in China to nourish the stomach and improve the mind.
Modern Western Medicine is coming to recognize the value of a diet rich in mushrooms and Lion’s Mane is at the forefront with lab testing showing that it increases cognition and may even be used as a potential treatment for Dementia in the elderly.
Lion’s Mane was also shown in one Japanese study to create Neurogenisis, or in more simple terms, to cause the brain to give birth to new neurons from stem cells.
Because of this, Lion’s Mane is considered to be a powerful Nootropic, a herb which can improve the functioning of both the brain and the body.

As everyone who loves tea already knows, Matcha is one of the best teas for health maintenance because it has a powerful mix of Tea Polyphenol, L-Theanine, and Caffeine, all of which are made more bioavailable due to the fibre of the tea being swallowed during drinking.

Chayo Tea Lion’s Mane Matcha is made with farm direct organic Matcha from Japan and mixed with a Lion’s Mane steam extract made in Canada. We feel that using a mushroom extract is better than using raw mushrooms, because its overall effect is more powerful.
Each bag of Lion’s Mane Matcha comes with thirty grams total contents, including twenty grams of Organic Matcha and ten grams of Lion’s Mane Extract.
Make it either traditionally or in a Latte or Smoothie and enjoy the extract “umami” flavour boost that the Lion’s Mane gives to the tea!

To Read further about Lion’s Mane in medical studies:


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