November Qigong Cohort (Mondays)


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This November we will study the Ming dynasty Medical Qigong techniques from the Xiao Yaozi Daoyin Poems, an early variation of Qigong which uses Daoyin and Daoist Meditation techniques as a way to maintain health and recover from illness.
Each session we will look at a few techniques in detail and practice those techniques together which are suitable to work on as a group. The homework for the each week will be to practice the techniques at home and record the results.
In total there will be four weeks, with one class each week.
Classes will be on Monday evenings from 8 to 9 PM from the first week of November.
This class is appropriate for people who already have a little experience in Qigong of meditation and want to better understand the original nature of modern Qigong practices. The majority of the practices presented in this course are done seated with only very minimal movement. Principle techniques covered involved collection and use of body fluids, Yi Tong Zhoutian (mental orbit circulation), and Dantian practice. The practices are easy, but subtle, so make sure to keep notes and think deeply about the material presented in class.


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