Organic Jade Green

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Jade Green is a special creation unique to Li Minghan, owner and tea maker at three purities organic tea garden in Nantou Taiwan.

This exceptional tea is made from a base of Jade Oolong leaves and is done in the style of a Chinese green tea.
This means that it has a green tea taste and oolong perfume, making it unique in the world of Taiwanese tea.

Three purities farm doesn’t use any farm chemicals and no automation meaning that unlike many organic certified teas, it is completely hand made and totally authentic and natural.

Li Minghan is a personal hero of mine because he is the only farmer in his region to use eco farming principles which actually improve the environment and make the world a better place.

When you drink this tea, not only are you getting some of the best Taiwan has to offer, you are also encouraging farmers like Li Minghan to continue the important work of developing sustainable high quality tea farming practices.

Each package comes with 75 grams of tea which can be brewed up to six times per dose.


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