Qi Gong Meditation: Dantian Breathing

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Product Description

Discover the art of Qi Gong Meditation in this course which contains text, visual and audio components.

This class teaches you how to:
– deepen the breath,
– calm the mind,
– locate the “lower dantian” the energetic root of the body.
– nurture the essence and energy of the body,
– cultivate higher levels of awareness and well being.

The course contains clear instructional text,
and a short audio meditation which can be performed in the space of ten minutes.

This course is a convenient and easy way to learn about Daoist Qigong for health, well-being and spiritual insight.

The text and audio are by Robert Coons, a licensed Qi Gong and Meditation Teacher with Wudang Internal arts.

The course will be sent to you by email so make sure to add your email address and name when you pay for the class.


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