Shan Lin Xi High Mountain Tea (25 g)


Product Description

Shan Lin Xi High Mountain Oolong tea from the 2017 spring harvest (date of harvest approx May 20) from an organic garden at Shanlinxi in the Nantou high mountain region of central Taiwan.

The tea was collected as Mao Cha and processed by Mr.Wu and his family at Cheng Yi Tea in Taipei.

From the photos above you can see the leaf standard of a random selection after brewing.
The vast majority of the leaves are dark in colour with three to six leaves and bids attached to stems. Approximately an eighth are thinner single leaves, there are also a small amount of thin doubles, large singles, and then a very small amount of shredding, broken spears, and yellowish small leaf material.

Overall the photographic representation is accurate for the contents of the tea and it indicates that the tea is hand plucked and from healthy bushes.
The leaves are mid density with a fleshy texture. The tea brews light to dark yellow throughout its steeping life.
The tea water is rich, aromatic and fragrant with plenty of sweetness coming out in the later steeps. There is a strong vegetal component which becomes present around the third steep and tapers off by the sixth. This tea can be steeped approximately ten times.

On a whole, this is a very good example of high mountain tea which meets our quality standard.
Our impression is that all of the tea is from the same place and that there is no blending going on between regions or cultivars.
We are thus setting it in the mid price range at $15/25g.

This is a very good wulong for intermediate and expert alike and we look forward to hearing from you about how you liked it.


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