Super grade green tieguanyin 14g


Product Description

This exceptional hand made tieguanyin from yu nong pavilion tea workshop in anxi Fijian (spring 2017 harvest) is the stuff of the summer here at chayo.
The work on this tea was halted early to protect it’s perfume, meaning it can’t be left out of the fridge longer than 15 days at a time or it will begin to oxidize again.
Because of the difficulty in storing this tea, we only have a very limited stash and so when it is gone, it is gone. It is also my favourite working tea this year, so I will be pilfering the for sale stash gradually until it’s gone.

The aroma is just like a bouquet of flowers and the taste is deep, full and long lasting. It is sweet and smooth and certainly worthy of tremendous praise.

Check it out while you still have the chance!!!


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