Vitex (chaste berry)


Product Description

Vitex, or chaste berry has been traditionally used in southern Europe by monks for many centuries. It also has close relatives which are used in Chinese medicine.
The most common modern use of this powerful herb is in regulating difficult menstrual cycles in women, but because chaste berry is also a powerful dopamine agonist, it can potentially be helpful in making people of both sexes feel more alert, vigorous, and well.

Although traditionally used for reduction of sexual desires among people living in monasteries, chaste berry has recently also been shown to have potential libido increasing effects.

As with all herbs it is important to speak with a physician before taking them.

Our chaste berry comes in 25 gram bags and can be used to make up to 20 cups of tea.
Simply crush the berries and then steep them in boiled water for ten minutes.

Chaste berry is one of our personal favourites and we find that using it for a few weeks at a time, and then taking a one week break seems to be the most effective way to get the best results from this powerful herb.


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