Yu nong pavilion gold grade coal baked tieguanyin (14 g).


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This excellent tieguanyin from Anxi fujian was made in spring 2015 and baked in a special coal firing room set up by our supplier Mr.Chen in the mountains of Anxi.
It has a lovely mix of orchid perfume, roasted charcoal hints, and a sweetness that bathes the mouth, tongue and throat. This tea is very labour intensive and takes a total of two weeks of roasting for 24 hours every day, requiring constant supervision. It is oft said that good things come to those who wait, and certainly the wait seems to be well worth it when considering the fine quality of this excellent Tieguanyin tea.

The tea comes in 7 gram pouches and each order includes two pouches, each of which can be split into two or three servings. The tea can be re-steeped up to ten times and has a strong, robust, and dark liquor that I think you will like.

Steep the tea in freshly boiled water in a 100 ml gaiwan for 10 seconds, or in a larger tea pot for a little over a minute. Re-steep to taste. :)


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