The new book on Daoist Meditation by author Robert Coons.

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"Thousands of years ago Chinese sages learned how to hack into the human nervous system for a lifetime of greater health, happiness and wisdom. In our time, global scholar and tea merchant Robert James Coons has devoted his life to rediscovering and mastering the ancients’ most profound achievement – traditional Daoist meditation and internal elixir cultivation practices.

Since its introduction to the west, Daoist Elixir Meditation has been a much sought after subject, and yet genuine instruction is a rarity. Many authors have previously published misleading and half informed books on the subject, with practices that do not yield concrete results and sometimes lead to complications.

Coons' easy to follow method is based on a deep research of the Daoist classics, and direct transmission with masters from China and Taiwan. The book lays out the foundational theory and practices of Daoist Elixir Meditation as well as providing the historical context needed to master the basics."

Internal Elixir Cultivation teaches you how to...

Rest Your Body

Rest is the way the body heals and balances itself, but many of us don't get enough. Daoist Meditation methods start from the basic of calming the mind and soothing the breath. The simple exercises presented in Internal Elixir Cultivation, the nature of Daoist meditation, are easy to follow and can help you attain a deeper and more restorative rest, giving you the potential to learn how to heal and balance your body and mind!

Awaken Your Spirit

Daoist Elixir meditation techniques were created to help us realize the full potential of our spiritual selves. Internal Elixir Cultivation not only teaches you how to wake up your body's latent “Qi” energy, it also helps you learn how to use it to develop your body and mind into a more functional, energetic, and happier you!

Calm Your Mind

A calm and centred mind is vital to a complete and happy life. Daoist elixir meditation methods are a great way to begin the process of achieving a mind set deeply in relaxation and calm.

Invigorate Your Energy

Achieving the rest you need and attaining a sense of peaceful poise are the best way to begin actively improving your daily levels of energy. Daoist Elixir meditation treats the body like a great battery, simply plug in once or twice a day and get back more of the energy you need to live your life!

What People Are Saying

“Internal Elixir Cultivation is a clear and concise introduction to traditional Daoist meditation. Coons covers the basics, but he also includes sources that are not common in English, most notably Lu Dongbin’s 100 character ancestor stone. A good book whether you’re a beginner or an advanced practitioner maintaining a good reference library.”

— Deng Ming-Dao, author of 365 Dao and The Wandering Daoist.

“I highly recommend this book for those looking for a direct, practical and down to earth approach to meditation. This book now resides on my favourites shelf along with my tea set; ready to join me in my meditation sessions.”

— Cameron, Guelph Canada.
Internal Elixir Meditation: The Nature of Daoist Meditation
The new book on Daoist Meditation by author Robert Coons.
Buy Now! $22.95