Chayo Tea Friends

Welcome to Chayo Tea Friends at

We are a cooperative project based in Canada, China, and Taiwan.

Chayo tea friends is the brain child of Robert Coons and is based on the idea that you should have access to the best teas available, at a reasonable price. We keep our catalogue small in order to focus on quality over quantity.

The inventory changes several times a year and we pride ourselves on having teas that are not available anywhere else. Most of our products are certified organic, wild harvested, or aged, and all of them are wonderful. We pride ourselves on direct cooperation with farmers, tea masters, and clients, and avoid wholesalers, except in the case of aged craft teas that are held on to by various collector friends of ours. Direct interaction with tea farmers is very important to us, and because we deeply care about the quality of products, so we prefer to deal only with a few farmers with whom we have developed deep bonds and trust over the years.

Our teas have won various awards, and we are proud to say that the Zhang family at Muzha have won awards with their tea both in Taiwan (2015 winter harvest champion of Tieguanyin) and in North America (2014 fall/winter North American Tea Championship with Coal Fired Tieguanyin, under Robert's old project, The Tea Kings). Products are added and removed from the site periodically, but if you want something special, send us an email and let us know. We deal mainly with Taiwan and China, and do both retail and wholesale of many different kinds of tea.

"Chayo" means tea friend in Mandarin. We are all tea Friends!

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